Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ask an American Episode 1 - She's Got Nice Boobies

Episode One - She's Got Nice Boobies

In this Podcast The ODDcast PODcast and BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence) combine to bring you a Podcast where Two nations work together so they can laugh at each other.
Each Episode Adam and Billy from the ODDcast PODcast ask some American's questions about British Pop Culture. Using only their prior knowledge of how the Brits live, they must answer the questions to the best of their ability.

This Episode they Must cover subjects from
- The X factor UK contestants
- English Football and European Countries
- Katie Price
- Kate Winslet
- Big Brother Contestants in Horror Films

Check out Both Original Podcasts to:

The ODDcast PODcast with Adam and Billy

BUI Podcast (Blogging Under The Influence)

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