Saturday, 13 July 2013

ODDcast PODcast : Trailer #1 for Ep.100

On Monday the 15th of July 2013, The ODDcast PODcast Presents a Special 100th Episode AUDIO PLAY.

Join us for a Epic Semi-Scripted tale of a Time Lord ( Played by Rita Ramnani from "White Collar Hooligan 1&2, Strippers vs Werewolves and The Last Seven" ) as she attempts to warn the ONE person she never imagined she would have to ask for help, in order to prevent the apocalyptic future.

Join us for a Special Semi-scripted story written by Adam Barker and involving the possible sensational viral takeover from Will, The World Domination plot and a Space expedition culminating in a martian discovery. Can The Time Lord prevent these events from taking place?

With Special appearances from other Voices including:
The Cast of Super Knocked Up, The Angry Oz Geek, Director Paul Tanter, The Ladies from The High Tea Cast, Comedian Jordy Cook, The Dazed and Conflicted Podcast, WafflePod, Dannii Minogue ( AKA LittleLou Wing ), BUI Podcasters, The Google Goddess, The Hollywood Outsider, Jig And Eddie Rotten, Inverse Delirium, Ditz from The Curiosity Zone Podcast and a very special Music Anthem "Nobody's Listening" written and performed by  Little Donkey's Mat Frost.

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